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  • i really trust Dr Lynch, she really listen to me and cares about me and my health. She us not quick about surgery until she knows for sure that is what is best for me.

    By - Miriam H
  • Hi Dr. Lynch,

    I just wanted to thank you all for seeing me on 11/13. I came to see you after missing one week of work, in severe pain and walking on crutches. You did an awesome job in diagnosing the problem. After the draining I was actually scared to stand on it but she encouraged me to and I was able to stand.

    I was going to miss my son’s first playoff game that night due to being on the crutches. By 4:00 in the afternoon I was able to walk on it. I was SOOOO happy that I could attend the game. (FYI..La Vernia won 60-20 and we are moving on.)

    I just had to write and wanted to tell you how happy I am, and I feel so grateful for you helping me!

    Thank you Christine Aguirre for being so kind, all the help you did and are doing as well.

    Thanks again!

    By - Darrin S
  • Dr. Lynch is one of the best doctors i have seen in my life willing to educated the patient on their issue and very caring. She follows up with you and her staff is very pleasent and caring. I would recommend her to anyone especially for any sports injuries. Thank you Dr. Lynch and Northeast orthopaedics staff.

    By - Brittney F
  • Really happy to have a female ortho doctor

  • Dr. Lynch is great The staff was wonderful

  • Well Done! Healing is an effort

  • Y'all are awesome!

  • Really like Dr. Lynch & Staff